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Hats off to our local growers!

Metchosin’s historic connection to agriculture is alive and well today, with over 20 working farms operating in the District.


Metchosin has over 2,600 acres (1,070 hectares) of lands with the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). These lands are protected from development for non-agricultural purposes, as outlined in the Agricultural Land Commission Act. The APRM has actively worked to protect ALR lands within the District.


“Metchosin is recognized as a rural community. Agricultural practices contribute significantly to the attraction of the community and help define the rural lifestyle. The wise and thoughtful interaction between the various rural and agricultural uses is important to the overall sense of Metchosin as a rural community.”

From Metchosin’s Official Community Plan (section 3.3)


Metchosin’s farms and growers are essential to maintaining our rural character. Metchosin’s farms:

  • Maintain large (and small) tracts of rural lands

  • Aid local food security

  • Contribute to community wellness by growing healthy food

  • Deepen our awareness of the natural environment


Stay tuned as we tell more of the story of agriculture in Metchosin.  

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