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A History of Working to Protect Rural Metchosin 

The APRM was founded in 1992 by residents concerned about the continuing threat of urbanization and its consequences on the health, economy and ambience of our rural community. The APRM's Mission Statement reflects the organization's commitment to advocating for and protecting Metchosin's rural values.


We ask everyone who read and agree with the Mission Statement prior to joining the APRM.

Mission Statement:

Recognize Metchosin as a fragile environment that must be nurtured, protected and preserved for future generations.

Recognize that support of the public and elected representatives is essential for the protection of rural Metchosin.


Foster open communication with elected representatives, other rural groups and the public.


Encourage awareness of the consequences of growth and work to maintain low population densities in our rural community.


Recognize the uniqueness of Metchosin as a residential community and recreational greenspace and work to ensure only limited development occurs on non-agricultural rural and uplands lands.


Recognize the Agricultural Land Reserve as the core of our rural community, and support and initiate policies that preserve ALR land.

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