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Your donations and support are appreciated. Thus - 19391!

You can help support the APRM's work with small contributions. 

Normally, we raise funds through the membership fees collected annually ($5.00 per individual; $10.00 per family; $20.00 if you care to provide a "Sustaining" contribution to the APRM). With the challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic, we have waived membership fees for 2020.

That's where 19391 comes in.

If you are shopping or buying gas at Co-op or Save-On, please provide this number during your purchase. The membership dividends go to the APRM and provide financial resources for us to support the activities of protecting rural Metchosin.

The APRM uses funds for a number of activities:


  • Meeting space at the Community House.

  • Advertising and inserts in The Metchosin Muse.

  • Sponsorship of the Municipal election candidate forum.

  • "Thank you" gifts for speakers.

  • Website hosting fees.

  • Mail-outs.

  • Printing, photocopying.


It's important to note that the APRM is a voluntary organization and neither the APRM's Executive nor its volunteers receive compensation or remuneration for their time or service to the organization.

Thanks for your help!

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