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Protecting a vital agricultural resource

Metchosin has over 2,600 acres (1,070 hectares) of land within BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).


The ALR was created in 1974 to protect BC’s valuable farmland from encroachment from non-agricultural development. The ALR is administered by the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC). While a limited number of land uses (recreation or open space) are permitted on ALR lands, these uses cannot impact the harm future agricultural use of that land. In 2018, the APRM was please to provide its recommendations to the Minister’s Advisory Committee on the Revitalization of the ALR and ALC.


The APRM has raised concerns about cases within Metchosin where activities appear to be seriously degrading agricultural potential of certain ALR lands. We have brought these concerns to the District and the ALC, urging those bodies to act in a manner that supports the ALR and Metchosin’s rural values. Please see the correspondence below for background on these cases.

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