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Westshore population growth and risks to Metchosin

Residential and commercial growth in Langford, Colwood and Sooke is occurring on a massive scale. That growth is not going to stop anytime soon and it presents risks for Metchosin. See map below of where forthcoming growth is expected.

Projected population growth to 2038

CRD’s 2018 Regional Growth Strategy:

Metchosin 6.1% (300 new people)

Colwood 87.3% (14,500 new people)

Langford 60.5% (18,100 new people)

Population increase.png

The pace of growth in the region reminds us how quickly landscapes can be changed and forests lost.


As a recreational backdrop for the Westshore communities. we will, by default, see huge increases in visitors to Metchosin-based parks and trails


Metchosin will see increasing pressure to open up to commercial and industrial development. After all, our District will soon have some of the last remaining undeveloped land on the Westshore. Watch for pressure to amalgamate Metchosin into the broader Westshore communities.

With this scale of growth outside of Metchosin, it is vital that we support Metchosin's Mayor and Council in upholding the community's rural values. 

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